The Principles of Interior Decoration


1. The Nature and Method of the Art

The Nature of Interior Decoration
The Method of Interior Decoration

2. Fitness to Purpose

Interior Decoration Factors
Interior Decorator
Decorative Materials

3. The Grammar of Decoration

Grammar of Decoration
Form and Color

4. Line and Form

Line and Form
Curved Lines
Broken Vertical Lines
Diagonal Lines
Three Dimensions

5. Color

The Nature of Color
The Study of Color
Complementary Colors
Color Constants
Color and Emotion
Color Binaries

6. The Significance of Texture

The Significance of Texture
Harmonious Textures

7. The Elements of Beauty

Elements of Beauty
The Human Mind
The Human Mind II
The Dominant Element
The Dominant Element 2nd Method
Reccuring Lines, Shapes and Echoed Colors
Repetition of Color
Perception of Beauty
Variety in Decoration

8. The Law of Contrast

The Law of Contrast
Contrast and Comparison
Tone Contrast
Individual Feeling

9. Proportion

The Laws of Proportion
Proportions-Creation of a room
Proportions-Creation of a room II
Increasing & Diminishing The Apparent Size of a Room
The Arrangement of Furniture
Proportion-Individual Decorative Units
Instinctive Insistance of a Dominant Element
Basic Importance of Structure
Walls of a Room - Decoration and Proportion

10. Balance

Decorative Weight or Power of Attraction
Fixed Decorations, Furniture & Small Unimportant Pieces
Bisymmetric and Formal Balance
Balanced Distribution of Pictures and Rugs
Structural Emphasis and Repose of Background Surfaces

11. Light and Shade

Light and Shade
Quantity and Intensity of Illumination
The Nature and Distribution of Light
Secondary Contracts between Background and Ornamental Objects

12. The Dominant Hue

The Dominant Hue
Temperament in Decoration
Color to Supplement or Correct Nature
Choice of the Dominant Hue
Background Color

13. Color Harmony

Color Harmony I
Color Harmony II
Diversity and Animation of Harmonies
Complementary of a Room
Triads in Decoration
Distribution and Intensity of Colors
Contrast - A Principle of Composition
Connecting Rooms Using Harmonious Color

14. Ornament

Naturalistic Ornament
Knowledge of Historic Ornament

15. Excellence in Design

Excellence in Design - 1st Test of Excellence
Proper Use of Decorative Materials - 2nd & 3rd Tests of Excellence
Beauty in Design - 4th Test of Excellence
Designs with Walls and Wall Paper
Designs with Floor Coverings
Designs with Hangings

16. Period Decoration

Period Decoration
Different Styles in Different Periods
Decorating Traditions Handed Down from the Kings
Peculiar Styles and Decorations of Different Periods

17. Conclusion


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